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May 16, 2017 – 07:49 am
Of august is known as family heritage month so what is family

I have worked with the company almost 3 years so I know with first hand experience that a lot the negative commentary on here (although FHL still has 4.4 stars), is absolutely not true. For example, one person said if you have no felonies you're automatically hired. That was not my experience. It is very competitive for me to get a job in the group I applied with. And now that I am on the hiring side of the equation I know that last year we hired 11 people on my team and turned away over 70 qualified applicants who wanted a job here. The result has been the selection and acquisition of the best people that we found, and not a watered down culture of "just anyone can work here."

Another person said the training is non existent. And that's the biggest lie I have ever heard. I have never seen a company with so many tools available to you, with such a fine tuned/easy to understand system taught by experienced mentors and leaders who actually work HARD to help you succeed because they care. When I read that persons comment I immediately became angry because we work SO hard to make sure our new agents have everything they need to do well. But at the end of the day you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. In my experience the people who fail are the ones who get off schedule, or try to use their own words (ignoring the proven system we have) when presenting the product, or coming to work with a poor or selfish attitude.

I also keep reading that it is strictly knocking on doors and it's commission only and I'm thinking... who are these people and what job did they apply for? In our group we have a base pay system plus commissions and bonuses that are literally unmatched in ANY career I have seen. Plus, we have SEVERAL ways that we sell. Family Heritage has a sales academy strictly for B2B. Meaning, we teach agents how to sell in the business market as well as residential and the only door knocking that occurs is at the very beginning of the residential side which is only a means to an end of gathering referrals. Once our agents have referrals we work off of those referrals 95% of the time. This is referral based sales and anyone who says it's door knocking or cold calling is misguiding you because that is not how we sell. We sell by approaching referrals!! And we are very referrable because our products are excellent and our method is low pressure!

I don't mean to get upset but I am. The only thing bad about this deal is the occasional know it all, or phony who finds a way to land a job here who is inevitably going to be unable to keep up here who will then turn around and blame everyone but him or herself for their own failure.

I know from personal experience that the leadership of this company has gone completely out of their way to create an opportunity that pays people very generously in a genuine attempt to make available to us the best opportunity in America and every time I have seen the company have an opportunity to make a choice between the best interest of the company or the best interest of the client or the sales representative, this company has chosen the best interest of the client and the sales rep every single time. And to see negative statements written on this page about a company who is willing to do that literally makes my blood boil. I firmly believe the people who are writing negative statements probably had a "negative experience" only if they A.) did not put forth the effort they were asked for or B.) did not follow the Family Heritage system as it was taught to them during sales school, or C.) did so with a bad attitude. I know this is true. The system works. The people will fight FOR you, but they are not going to fight for you if you don't show up, if you don't follow the system or if you come to work with a bad attitude.

Another comment said that it is "cult like" here. Again, I know who said this and the reason they said it is because yes... Family Heritage has a SYSTEM, and in order to be successful here you MUST follow the system. Inevitably there are people who buy in and believe in the system, and then those who sit back with this "I'm too cool for school" attitude who would rather be unsuccessful in their career than to follow simple orders.

The worst part about Family Heritage is the occasional lazy or phony person who somehow finds their way to a job here. And it does happen. Because most people want the lifestyle and opportunity that Family Heritage provides but few are truly willing to work for it.


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