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July 5, 2018 – 04:58 am

Q. What tartan am I entitled to wear?
A. Traditionally you start with your surname and check this against a recognised list of tartans which should include:

(a) Clans and family tartans

(b) Links of your name to other names (septs) associated with it.

(c) District or regions with which your name is associated.

Q. Can I wear tartan if I cannot find my name associated with any of those on the recognised list?
A. Yes. Tartan is a gift that we have given to the world. The idea that a man can only wear a kilt in his own family tartan or one associated with it has given way to a more broad minded approach and most ladies are quite happy to choose tartan with the colours they like best.

Q. My name doesn’t have its own tartan. What do I do now?
A. Fortunately you have many nice options but first please widen your search as much as possible to other members of both your family and those of your partner’s family etc and go as far back in family history as you like.

Also, have you or your family made visits to Scotland, as there are tartans for regions and districts and towns.

Some Christian names have a tartan associated with them e.g. Douglas, Scott, Fraser etc.

We offer our special exclusive Kinloch Anderson tartans to all our customers:- Kinloch Anderson, Kinloch Anderson Dress, Kinloch Anderson Castle Grey, Kinloch Anderson Thistle, Kinloch Anderson Heather, Kinloch Anderson Rowanberry, Kinloch Anderson Hunting, Kinloch Anderson Romance and Kinloch Anderson Black & White.

There are four recognised universal tartans: Black Watch, Stewart Hunting, Caledonia and Jacobite.

There are a number of non generic tartans e.g. Scotland’s National, Flower of Scotland etc.

Lastly choose from one of our other most popular tartans.

See our list (click below)

Q. What is the difference between a tartan and a check.
A. Essentially a tartan has a link or association with a family, clan, institution or region and has a background history explaining its relevance. Unfortunately, due to the status of tartan, some check designs are called a tartan and this causes confusion.

Q. There are so many tartans to be seen all round the world these days what gives the status of tartan its authenticity?
A. The Scottish Register of Tartans which was established in 2009 as the official Scottish Register belonging to Scotland in the public domain and located within the National Archives of Scotland.

Q. How were tartans recorded in the past?
A. Prior to the Scottish Register of Tartans there were several privately owned Tartan Registers in Scotland and these tartan records were transferred to the Scottish Register of Tartans in 2009.

Q. Can anyone register a tartan?
A. In order to enter a tartan into the Scottish Register of Tartans there is an application form with terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled.

Source: www.kinlochanderson.com

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