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September 1, 2020 – 11:53 am
What s Next For The Duggar Family In 2016? Courting, Pregnancy

Breaking the Silence is a catalytic moment in the emerging movement to end child sexual abuse. We must leverage the momentum of this film and go beyond conversation and into action.

Each year, official government reports indicate that more than 62, 000 children are sexually abused. The numbers are especially staggering for girls aged 14-17, of whom researchers estimate more than 17% have experienced sexual abuse.

Dear Anna, there will be Christian voices that will say you need to stay with Josh. They will tell you that you should forgive him. But Anna, you don't have to stay to forgive. I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but I can tell you, and every woman in your situation, that you have choices.

Why has American Christianity become known for the pain it causes? Let American Christianity stop being known as a religion that hurts, as a faith focused on what we're against, and instead let them know we are Christians by our love.

Age is supposed to be coupled with wisdom, right? Here are five cases where it clearly is not - and it's why I just wish these celebrity scandals involving older people would simply go away.

Familiarity breeds contempt, as anyone who is currently living their life in front of the camera knows. We used to revere celebrity, but now those idols are being torn down as we are allowed to see more and more behind the masks.

For Children's Advocacy Centers, many of our most heart-wrenching cases involve families in which sibling abuse has occurred. Parents are distraught about the victimization of one child, while terribly worried about the legal consequences to another child.

If you're tired of defending Christianity every time another self-professed Christian makes the news for doing something evil, and yet you also find yourself denouncing Islam as an inherently evil religion based on what you see on TV and what little you've read of the Quran, I urge you to stop.

It may be too late, with statute of limitations, for these victims to have a criminal process and unfortunately I don't understand what civil options they may have available to them today. But let's give these young women an opportunity to have a true, un-coached voice.

We're quick to love like Jesus when the people who need that love are already one of us, but when the people who need loving are people we don't like, people we're afraid of, or people whose lives we "don't agree with, " we quickly and unapologetically exchange that love for wrath.

In light of the Duggar abuse scandal, protecting children from sexual abuse is on many parents' minds. Avoiding all risk is unlikely, but there are steps parents can take to minimize their child's risk of sexual abuse. These tools will also help children get help if victimization occurs.

The rhetoric of religious freedom and the 'war on Christianity' - so often used as a justification for discrimination against LGBTQ people - has nothing to do with religion or faith.

When I was interviewing for my current pastoral job, one of the questions asked of me, in one of the many different conversations I had with various committees, was, "What does the Virgin Birth mean to you?"

There is no doubt the Duggars and law enforcement chose to tune out on this one, but the reality is that most families that discover sexual abuse within their clan conceal it-just not with three million viewers looking on.

If you are reading this, you are now "free" of Quiverfull and a host of other systems imprisoning you.


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