Melbourne Family Relationship Centre (FRC)

March 20, 2020 – 10:05 am
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Melbourne FRC has a focus on providing support and services to families experiencing separation. We can help you to discuss issues, focus on your child’s needs and make decisions regarding your children, without going to court. The Centre is committed to providing an inclusive service for all families. We acknowledge and respect the wide-ranging needs, backgrounds and diversity of families in our community. Anyone can contact the FRC for information, advice and referrals. We can offer family dispute resolution services to anyone involved in caring for a child, including grandparents, step-parents, same-sex and gender diverse parents and other significant people in a child’s life.

Underpinning the current family law system is the importance of promoting healthy family relationships, preventing conflict and separation, encouraging agreement rather than litigation, and promoting the right of children to have meaningful relationships with both parents.

Our aim is to provide a service model that allows parents to reach easy, simple and efficient agreements which are in the best interests of children while at the same time protecting children and vulnerable adults from risk of harm. We do that by working in partnership with a range of services including legal services and we provide a setting in which parties can feel safe and confident they will be treated with dignity and respect.

The family dispute resolution process involves the parties:

  • listening to each other's point of view without interruption
  • identifying issues which need to be resolved
  • sharing of relevant information
  • exploring ideas and options
  • putting decisions and agreements in writing
  • testing possible solutions.


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