Getting to Know an Adoptive Family through Open Adoption

December 26, 2019 – 09:03 am

Are you interested in getting to know the adoptive family? Do you want a relationship with your child?

At American Adoptions, this is all possible in an open adoption.

You may be familiar with the term “open adoption, ” but what does it really mean? Open adoption basically refers to contact shared between you and the adoptive family, and it can look different in each adoption. For example, in some open adoptions, a woman may choose to receive pictures and letters of her child after the adoption; in other adoptions, a woman may choose to visit her child once a year.

You may request the following contact both before and after the adoption:

Before the Adoption

Conference Call – A phone call between you and the adoptive parents to help get to know each other better. Your Adoption Specialist will be on the phone call as well to offer support and comfort.

Email Exchange – You and the adoptive parents may email one another with updates and questions. Emails are popular because you may respond to them at your convenience.

Visits – Visits are an in-person meeting between you and the adoptive parents in your hometown. They will travel to you and usually meet you over lunch or dinner, where you can get to know each other even better.

After the Adoption

Pictures and Letters – Nearly all women choose to receive pictures and letters of their child for the first 18 years of his or her life.

Phone Calls/Skype – You may choose to have supervised phone calls or Skype sessions with your child, helping you stay involved in his or her life.

Social Media/Email – Stay connected with the adoptive family over the Internet. You will want to talk to your Adoption Specialist for how to regulate social media.

Visits – Visits are the least common form of contact, but there are many families who are open to them if you want this type of post-adoption relationship.


Because we work with so many adoptive families, we have plenty who are excited to share the types of contact that you are interested in. Our agency encourages contact between you and the adoptive family, as we believe it leads to healthier adoptions and happier lives for everyone involved.


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