Fixing Relationships in FamilySearch (FS) Family Tree

June 29, 2017 – 02:39 pm
Family Tree Relationship Names in English

This Fixing Relationships activity takes place in the Instructor Materials - Simple Sandbox which is currently NOT AVAILABLE.

While the Simple Sandbox is down you can use the following Guide entitled "Creating a Fictitious Family in to practice Fixing Relationships"

What's Up?

Guide to Fixing Relationships in FamilySearch(FS) Family Tree. This lesson guide contains written STEPS interspersed with PICTURES that show how to correct family relationships in Family Tree. The STEPS with Pictures Guide presents different kinds of mixed-up family situations in a fictitious database called the Instructor Materials - Simple Sandbox (Instructor Materials) and leads you through how to correct them.

The Instructor Materials - Simple Sandbox offers a safe place to practice, one or more times, fixing family relationships because you are not actually working in FT. YOU NEED TO WORK IN MOZILLA FIREFOX TO DO THIS ACTIVITY. Otherwise, what you see on the screen may be different from what is in the Guide.
Whenever you return to the Simple Sandbox, Reset the Simple Sandbox. No changes are ever made to your ancestors in Family Tree when you work in the Simple Sandbox.

Use of this four page lesson guide provides hands-on experience in performing entry and intermediate level tasks to correct family relationships in Family Tree. It can be used individually or by a teacher in a class setting.

Use of Instructor Materials - SIMPLE SANDBOX

  • The Instructor Materials - Simple Sandbox is a fake database featuring Robert and Ann, members of their family, and other individuals. This database contains fictitious people some of which are duplicates. All of this is intended to provide a safe place to practice more complicated tasks in Family Tree, such as finding and merging duplicates and fixing incorrect relationships.
  • Use the browser Mozilla Firefox.
  • To avoid difficulty with the sandbox, no more than five persons should sign-in to make an account at one time. Click the Sign-in button ONLY ONCE.
  • The first time you go into the Simple Sandbox (Instructor Materials), click on Simple Sandbox First Account. You will be asked to sign-in with your Family Tree username and password. Be patient... it will take a few minutes to generate your account.
  • Every time after the first visit, click on Simple Sandbox Reset Your Account. You will be given a new fake database. The given names that appear in each family are the same as before (Robert, Ann, Rachel, etc.) But the surnames, dates and places are different.
  • Activities done in the Simple Sandbox can be done repeatedly and do not affect your ancestors' information in FT.
  • Before any changes are made in the Sandbox, it is assumed that the correct information for Robert and Ann's family have been established through careful research.

Note: When finding and merging duplicates in the real Family Tree database, thorough research should always precede and determine what changes are made to your families.


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