Family Activities

October 13, 2018 – 10:24 am
Panel discussion about family relationships | Youth activities

Stable Relationships believe that families need quality time together to help build and sustain strong, healthy relationships. In today’s society it can be a challenge to find this time amongst the distractions of work, technology, and numerous other commitments.

Our cabin is set amongst the picturesque countryside of Granville Country Park. It is a peaceful place where you and your family can come to get away from the distractions of every day life, and spend quality time together.

All of our family activities are designed to help families come together and re-connect with each other in a playful and creative environment.

Team Building

Work with your family to solve challenges such as obstacle courses.


Learn authentic African rhythms and spend time creating a group piece.


Spend time laughing together and playing drama games-inhibitions stay outside!

Nature Trails/Hunts

Go out into the park armed with a map and clues to find the treasure.


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