Hamlet Essay

February 21, 2019 – 01:22 am
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Summary:Family relationships in William Shakespeare's "Hamelet" and their universal appeal.

The family relationships in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet have taken on a universal appeal. When looking at the Hamlet and the family relationships in it, you notice that there are not many good relationships; the same could be said about the world we live in at the moment, with the high divorce rate.

The relationship between Prince Hamlet and the late King Hamlet was definitely a loving one, because of the way Hamlet looks up to him and wants to avenge his death.

The same could be said about Prince Hamlet's relationship with his mother, Gertrude. She definitely loves Hamlet, although it doesn't always seem like Hamlet loves her because of her marrying Claudius, not only because it was so soon after his father's death but also because Claudius is Hamlet's uncle. This is apparent in the way he not only condemns her but women in general by...

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