Family Relationships – Common Problems & Issues

December 3, 2014 – 11:35 am
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  • I've lost contact with my children, how can I cope with this?

The sense of loss and upset when the contact between parent and children is lost can be overwhelming. The depth of sadness may come as a surprise, and often is akin to mourning. The grief can be difficult to accept especially if you had...

  • I think my child is being bullied

It’s a common anxiety for many parents – what to do if their child is being bullied. Many parents worry about the most appropriate way to react – whether they should take a proactive approach and speak to the bully’s parents or whether...

  • How to reduce family arguments

No matter how much you look forward to the family being together, it does increase the potential for tensions and arguments. Find tips to reduce family rows here.

  • Family secrets

All families have secrets of one kind or another. Letters, photos, objects locked hidden away at the back of a drawer, perhaps memories of past events too painful to think about. The secrets may be from our past, back in the time before...

  • Ask Ammanda: my husband is abusive towards one of our sons but kind to the other

A woman writes into Ask Ammanda saying her husband is abusive towards her 14-year-old son, but treats their nine-year-old kindly


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