Relationship Calculator in Family Tree Maker

February 8, 2021 – 02:01 pm

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How do I use the Relationship Calculator in the Family Tree Maker?

The Relationship Calculator can help you determine how two people in your tree are related.

  1. From any workspace, click the Tools button and from the drop-down list select Relationship Calculator.
  2. This opens the Relationship Calculator window. The two name fields are for the two people for whom you are determining the relationship. The relationship will be described in terms of the person in the first name field.

    Note: The birth information located directly beneath the name fields can help you determine if you have selected the correct individuals.

  3. The three icons located directly to the right of the name fields can assist you in locating the specific individuals you would like to select.
    • This icon opens the Find Person dialog box so you can select a different person.
    • This icon places the Home Person in the name field.
    • This icon places the name of the person who is selected in your family tree into the second name field.
    • The Switch button allows you to change the position of the two names in the fields.
  4. The Relationship section expresses the relationship between the two people in the name fields. If there is more than one way that the two individuals are related, you can select which one you want to display from the drop-down list. By default, the Relationship Calculator displays the most direct relationship.
  5. The Nearest common relative(s) section displays the name and birth information of the common relative that connects the selected individuals.
  6. The Path section displays the path between the two people in the name fields. The nearest common relative is bolded in the list. If the nearest common relatives are a married couple, both are listed.
  7. Beneath the Path section, the Relationship Calculator displays both he Civil and Canon Degree between the two individuals. A Civil Degree indicates the total number of steps through the blood line that separate two individuals. A Canon Degree indicates the maximum number of steps from the nearest common ancestor.
  8. The View Relationship Chart button creates the Relationship Calculation Chart and opens it in the Print Preview window.


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