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September 8, 2018 – 08:31 am

mana and woman kissing infantStrong families know their family strengths and those areas where they could improve. They have healthy relationships and practice positive parenting skills.

Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has focused on families who believe they are doing well. Family members from all 50 states and 27 countries have been asked, "What makes your family strong?" Read what these families have shared about 6 strengths that are similar from culture to culture.

Families are the basic, foundational social units in all human communities around the world. It's in everyone's best interest to help create a positive environment for all families.

family of four reading together6 strengths families use to create positive environments:

5. Spiritual well-being- Spiritual well-being is the hope, faith and optimism a family shares. It is the sacred connections they have or the religion or spirituality they possess. Spiritual well-being is also the caring, support and compassion that families feel.

6. Successful management of stress and crisis - Strong families have the ability to manage stress and crisis in their lives in positive, creative ways. They work together rather than pulling apart. Family Treasures book cover Crisis and stress are opportunities to help other family members; and helping others can in turn help themselves.

UNL research has identified these 6 qualities of strong families which are similar across cultures.

Family Treasures is a book which provides in-depth information on each of the 6 qualities plus numerous activities your family can use to grow in each of the strengths.

This article has been written and reviewed by UNL Extension Educators and Specialists.

Getting Connected, Staying Connected
Couples and families have it in their power to be happy with each other and create a pleasant and peaceful home environment in which they live together. This book was written to help couples accentuate the positive - to show clearly and simply how happy couple and family relationships are created and maintained over time.


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