Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships, 3rd Edition

August 27, 2020 – 11:51 am Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships, Books

“I have taught this course for nine years and had not found a book this engaging. When I started reading the chapters, I wanted to continue reading. The material is presented in a balanced and fair manner, without the usual bias or slanted presentations common to marriage and family introductory texts. . . . This text includes a balance of theory, research, and practical applications. Students will have a much richer understanding of the contemporary family after reading this text.”

—Bill C. Greenvalt, Western Kentucky University

“[T]he reading material was enjoyable, thorough, and academic. I work in an environment in which the majority of my students are either minority students or students who do not have English as a first language. I believe that the materials . . . presented in the text would not only be understandable to my students but would also be an asset to their understanding of my own lectures and presentation material.”

—Richard Fraser, California State University, Los Angeles

“[My students] find it interesting and easy to read. . . . They really liked the references to today’s pop culture. Several of them commented they planned on keeping this text for future reference and to share with family and friends. I will be looking forward to the second edition.”

—Bobbie Brannon, Catawba Valley Community College

“I have found that the text is very readable and does engage the student in the subject matter. Students do find the Self-Assessments useful. Also, the textbook works well for a number of teaching and learning styles. I have used the book in both a lecture/discussion course and in a self-paced mastery-based course using the Keller model of student learning.”

—C. Stephen Glennon, Iowa Western Community College

“The text is written in a manner that is easy for students to understand without being condescending. The material presented in the text is engaging, and the plethora of side projects (like the Practical Action boxes and the Learning Lab section) help generate interest in the subject. . . . It is a text I would use in future family classes.”

—Vondora Wilson-Corzen, Suffolk Community College

“I liked very much the Popular Culture and the Media input. I think this will be eye-catching and appeal very much to students. Students [who] are very media savvy will relate well to this. The Practical Action boxes seemed also to be very effective. Students like ‘how-to’ and self-study quizzes and materials, and will enjoy using these things. . . . The use of global comparisons, multi-ethnic, multi-class [examples] is useful for critical thinking applications. I think this book is very current and very useful.”


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