wikiHow to Be More Family Oriented

April 30, 2019 – 06:24 am
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Method 1

Changing Your Perception of Family
  1. Express your commitment to your family or significant other. Being family oriented does not mean that you need to neglect everything else in your life to be with your family. However, it does involve an intentional shift in mindset to prioritize your family. One way to increase your family orientation is to clearly convey your commitment to them.
    • You may say: “I want you to know I really value your presence in my life, and I am here for our family. I love you and care about you.” Saying words such as these can go a long way in helping your significant other or family members feel secure in your commitment to them.
  2. Show your family you are committed. Telling your family about your commitment is a solid first step in becoming family oriented; however, showing your family your commitment through actions will solidify your family orientation mindset. Those that are family oriented often value each other’s happiness and well-being and also cherish the unity that comes from a committed family.
    • If your significant other is going through a crisis, cancel your other plans and ask them how you can help them get through this difficult time.Image titled Be More Family Oriented Step 3 If your child is performing in their first play, make time to go see it and support them. Actively showing your family they come first is a big step in becoming family oriented.
  3. Demonstrate loyalty. Commitment involves a sense of loyalty and devotion, which can strengthen your relationships with your family. You can do this by standing up for your family members if someone bad mouths them, or staying faithful to your significant other even during difficult times in your relationship.
    • Stand by your family in times of success and happiness but also in times of despair. Being family oriented means supporting your family no matter the circumstances.Image titled Be More Family Oriented Step 4 If your significant other loses their job and finances become difficult, or someone in your family becomes chronically ill, continue to stand with your family and be supportive and helpful through these times.
  4. Modify the emphasis you place on work. Oftentimes becoming family oriented means changing your mindset regarding other big obligations in your life, such as your job. Showing your family your commitment and appreciation may involve shifting some of your thoughts and behaviors regarding your work life.
    • Consider cutting back on work hours or talk to your boss about taking on a little bit less responsibility as you make the shift to becoming more family oriented. You could say: “I’m trying to show my family my commitment and am trying to make them a bigger priority. I am still committed to this job but want to take on a little less right now.”
    • Create boundaries regarding your work. It is easy to try to fit in a little bit of work during every free minute you have, and soon you might find yourself constantly sending emails at 2 am when you should be sleeping, or during evenings while watching TV with your family. Therefore, creating boundaries regarding your work will be helpful in making sure you are giving more attention to your family.
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